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The range of products marketed by SOFNORD has developed over the last few years and currently covers long & flat products as well as all steel products in general, covering among others: beams, merchant bars, hot rolled sheets, hot rolled sheets, cold, galvanized sheets, tubes, gratings, stretched leaf spring, perforated, sandwich panels.

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We are required to give all our customers all the information necessary concerning the supplies and respond to their requests and complaints as soon as possible in the most suitable way.

The extent of our fleet of delivery vehicles allows us to cover the most of Tunisian territory in the best conditions of time. The diversity of loading capacity of our vehicles also makes it possible to satisfy the different requests from our customers ranging from a simple request of a few hundred kg up to the quantities that reach certain tons.

In addition to these basic notions, the service is perceived, within SO-F-NORD, in its broadest sense to affect the relationship with all our partners.

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